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Brigadier General Rosecrans

I was surprised to discover that Canada does not have a Marine Corps.  A navy, an army and an air force, yes; specially trained members, yes; but no designated specialty forces.  The government toyed with the idea of creating an equivalent, such as the SCFT, Standing Contingency Task Force or the Marine Commando Regiment which would have been based in Comox BC; however, money and politics got in the way.  Some opponents argued that by adopting the models of other countries, we would appear to be more about 'war making' rather than 'peace keeping' and financially, the cost outweighed the size our military.  

In contrast, the military forces of the United States are vast and varied. There are seven uniformed services including the US Marine Corps which was formed in 1775 in Philadelphia as an infantry force.  It may be the smallest of the US Armed Forces but the US Marine Corps has evolved to provide a rapid response from the sea, air and land; a combined-arms task force like no other.

To date, I have found the following Marines in the Vincent family tree:  M/Sgt Daniel Joseph Carroll was killed in action during Korea; John Webster Hull; Robert Paul Peck; Robert Darling Rosecrans; Arthur William Rosecrans; George Gabriel Everett; William E Bonin; Karl E Norton; Sgt Chester Arthur Steven; Edward Joseph Dennehy; Joseph Marshall Roop; Capt Wayne Edward Faulkner; Raymond 'Bud' Pepper; Francis 'Junie' Rafter; and B/General Rosecrans.

The Vincent family is linked to the Rosekrans family through Phebe Vincent (1753) who married Capt Benjamin 'Jacobus' Rosekrans (1750) of Dutchess Co, NY.  Phebe was the great-granddaughter of Charles Sr of Yonkers. 

Harold's 4x grandfather, Capt Benjamin Rosekrans lived in Saratoga Co, NY during the Revolutionary period.  He was one of the first Supervisors elected for the area and served as a Justice of the Peace for over twenty years.  His family homestead was near Crescent and it is told that the family once had to flee an attack made by a band of Canadian Indians! 

Harold Ellett Rosecrans

Brigadier General Harold E Rosecrans 

Harold Ellett Rosecrans was born 1 Mar 1897 in Cohoes, NY to Benjamin Rosekrans Jr & Mary Ellett.  His father was a machinist at an electric shop and Harold was the 2nd child, oldest boy, of five children.

Harold married Dorothy Darling who was the daughter of Harry Darling and Ida Smith.  Harold and Dorothy died in Dayton, Florida and were buried at the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.

Robert Darling Rosecrans listed above was their son who was a Lt/Col; and Arthur W Rosecrans was Harold's nephew.

Harold enlisted in Cohoes, 20 Apr 1917 and from his military abstract, things moved very quickly afterward.  He was sent to Philadelphia three days later then arrived in France, 27 Jun 1917 where upon completing his training, his company was ordered to the battle field.  After being promoted to Corp on 5 Apr 1918, he went on to get himself shot up on 7 Jun 1918, at the Battle of Belleau Wood!
Adjutant General's Office. Abstracts of World War I Military Service, 1917–1919. Series B0808. NY State Archives, Albany, NY

  • 1918 - Wounded at Belleau Wood
  • 1919 - Promoted to 2nd Lt
  • 1919 - Discharged to receive officer training
  • 1926 - Posted to Manila & China
  • 1931 - Posted to Haiti
  • 1933 - Graduated Company Officers' School at Quantico & posted to Washington
  • 1935 - Promoted to Capt  
  • 1936 - Promoted to Major
  • 1942 - Promoted to Lt Col
  • 1943 - Promoted to Col
  • 1944 - Col Harold E Rosecrans was named director of the Marine Corps Command & Staff School at Quantico, VA. 
  • 1945 - C/O of the 7th Reg, III Amphibious Corps during the battle of Okinawa
  • 1958 - Retired 1 star General
During WWII at Tulugi Island, Harold's unit was surprised by a night attack from the Japanese but he was able to break camp just minutes beforehand without a loss of life which earned him the Silver Star - commanded the 2nd Battl, 5th Marine Regiment.

A very long and distinguished career indeed!   

                       .......But......what's fame without a bit of infamy??? 

Ok, it's not that exciting.  The newspaper of 1947 reported that the top brass were using Marines as servants after the war despite regulation 553.  Harold's name was tossed into the mix.  

Tombstone Picture 
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